About Thriving Mind

Thriving Mind South Florida (contracting as South Florida Behavioral Health Network, Inc.) funds and oversees a safety net of mental health and substance use disorder services for uninsured adults and children in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties (approximately 50,000 individuals served annually), supported by Florida’s Department of Children and Families and other public and private sources. We are a non-profit, evidence-based payer with an annual budget of over $135 Million and a catchment area of over 3 million residents. We achieve our mission by securing exceptional partners to facilitate access to services for patients of all ages in the community. We work closely with Miami Dade County (funding multiple County programs), Miami Dade Public Schools, law enforcement, the courts and other stakeholders to improve mental health service access.


About The Need

Florida is ranked #48 in per capita funding for mental health treatment. Serious mental illnesses (SMI) and substance use disorders (SUD) are strongly associated with poverty.

South Florida, comprised of Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, with a known population of 2.8 million, has over 900,000 documented adults at less than 200% of the federal poverty level. This translates to approximately 300,000 adults with SMI and SUD in South Florida.  Of that 300,000 in need, about 50,000 annually receive services through a safety net system operated by Thriving Mind South Florida.

Evidence-based treatments SMI and SUD have response rates comparable to treatments for blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, but remain underutilized. Underuse of effective treatment is due to multiple factors including limited access to care. For many individuals, treatment is significantly complicated by lack of stable housing.


About Our Initiatives

Thriving Mind collaborates with a number of local, regional, state-wide and national organizations on a variety of initiatives to help serve our community.

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We have a special page dedicated to our partnership with Sesame Street in Communities here.

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How to Help

If you are interested in learning more about our work or how to donate, email our Communications Director, Carrie Perez, at cperez@thrivingmind.org or call 954-483-7578.