Outpatient Services

Substance Use for Adults

Outpatient services include individual and/or group therapeutic activities. Services are usually provided on a regularly scheduled basis by appointment as recommended by the treatment plan and based on the individual’s needs.

Outpatient Services available:

  • Aftercare

  • Assessment

  • The systematic collection and integrated review of individual-specific data, such as examinations and evaluations. This data is gathered, analyzed, monitored and documented to develop the person’s individualized plan of treatment and to monitor recovery. Assessment specifically includes efforts to identify the person’s key medical and psychological needs, competency to consent to treatment, history of mental illness or substance use and indicators of co-occurring conditions, as well as clinically significant neurological deficits, traumatic brain injury, organicity, physical disability, developmental disability, need for assistive devices, and physical or sexual abuse or trauma. Assessment usually happens when the person makes the first contact with a services provider and at several other intervals during the treatment episode.

  • Case Management

  • Case Management services consist of activities that identify a person’s needs, plan services, link the service system with the person, coordinate the various system components, monitor service delivery, and evaluate the effect of the services received. Case Management services are available upon request or based on the recommendation, and referral, of the treating provider.

  • Comprehensive Community Service Team

  • Day Treatment

  • Day treatment services, or Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services, provide a structured schedule of non-residential services for four or more consecutive hours per day. Activities are designed to assist individuals to attain skills and behaviors needed to function successfully in living, learning, work, and social environments. These services are available upon request or based on the recommendation, and referral, of the treating provider.

  • In-Home and On-Site

  • Therapeutic services and supports, including early childhood mental health consultation, are rendered in non-provider settings.

  • Intervention

  • Intervention services focus on reducing risk factors generally associated with the progression of substance abuse and mental health problems. Intervention is accomplished through early identification of persons at risk, performing basic individual assessments, and providing supportive services, which emphasize short-term counseling and referral. Intervention can be provided individually or in a group.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the delivery of medications for the treatment of substance use or abuse disorders which are prescribed by a licensed health care professional. Services are based upon a clinical assessment and provided in conjunction with substance abuse treatment interventions such as residential, group or individual sessions.

  • Outpatient

  • Psychiatric Services

  • Medical services provide psychiatric evaluation, medication management, therapy, and medication administration provided by an individual licensed under the state of Florida to provide the specific service rendered. Medical services are usually provided on a regular schedule, with arrangements for non-scheduled visits during times of increased stress or crisis.

Providers offering Outpatient Services

Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital

Substance Use for Adults
Opa Locka, FL

Banyan Health Systems

Substance Use for Adults
Miami, FL

Jessie Trice Community Health Services

Substance Use for Adults
Miami, FL

Psycho-social Rehabilitation Center, Inc. d/b/a Fellowship House

Substance Use for Adults
South Miami, FL
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