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Provider Spotlight: GCC Receives Federal Funds for Suicide Prevention

Guidance/Care Center, Inc. Receives Federal Funds for Suicide Prevention & Mental Health

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Provides Emergency Response Funds for Suicide Prevention due to COVID-19.  

Guidance/Care Center, Inc. (GCC), a Thriving Mind South Florida provider, received an $800,000 SAMSHA COVID-19 Emergency Response for Suicide Prevention grant through November 2021. It only is 1 of 50 in the nation.  These funds will enhance current programming that prevents suicide and suicide attempts among at-risk adults ages 25 and older in the Florida Keys. Since 2014, Monroe County has had the highest suicide rate in the state (24.29%). The staggering number of unemployment and uninsured our county showed the desperate need of the mental health services that will be covered by this grant.

For the past 47 years, GCC has been a one-stop shop for substance abuse and mental health services in Monroe County. GCC provides mental health, crisis and suicide prevention services to all persons referred by the police departments, emergency rooms, service providers and self-referrals. The full continuum of care is available county-wide at 3 locations-Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West, as well virtually via G/CC Telehealth regardless of ability to pay. This new funding is critical because state funding is limited, and we have 48% of our community who are uninsured and underinsured. We know the greatest risk of suicide for our county is housing costs/availability which has been exacerbated by this pandemic and hurricane Irma.  All GCC services can be accessed by calling (305) 434-7660.

GCC’s goal is to increase the availability of and access to free mental health services to prevent suicide and suicide attempts among adults including assessment, psychiatric services and individual therapy. If domestic violence is a contributing factor, we will assist these individuals and their dependents with a safe place to stay.  Additionally, GCC will continue to provide suicide prevention training to this community and clinical service providers/systems with topics including mobile crisis response, suicide risk factors and how to assist suicidal individuals. GCC is a proud provider of these services and we are so grateful for this opportunity to save lives in our community.