Data and State System Access

Thriving Mind South Florida utilizes the Knight Integrated Software (KIS) data system to capture and report all state-funded behavioral health data from its network providers. There are currently three KIS data systems in use: state data, acute care, and utilization management.

State Data

Network providers can report their state funded behavioral health data via a DCF Data Pamphlet 155-2 compliant data upload from their EHR/EMR system or direct data entry into the KIS Express interface.

Acute Care

Acute Care providers (crisis stabilization unit/detox/ARF) must utilize the KIS Acute Care system in order to report their bed utilization in real time as required by Section 394.9082(10), Florida Statutes (Senate Bill 12).

Utilization Management

Thriving Mind South Florida directly manages the utilization of Adult Residential Level 2 Substance Abuse and Mental Health beds. Residential providers are required to utilize the KIS Utilization Management system to receive residential funding. The system contains the screening and assessment tool, electronic consent management, electronic referral, and bed utilization reporting system.

All of the KIS systems must be licensed directly with Knight Software, Inc. Please contact:

Rodney Pritchard, COO
Phone: (843) 407-7810

State Data Access

Network provider staff that provide TANF and/or DC Aftercare Referral services or who have responsibility for incident and/or seclusion and restraint reporting, may request access the applicable DCF systems.

A “Database Access Request Form”, “Security Agreement Form”, and training certificates for HIPAA and Security must be submitted to Thriving Mind for state system access.

Please send requests to:

Johnny Guimaraes, Vice President of IT and Data Analytics

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